Thursday, January 1, 2009

Remembering 2008

2008: It was a very good year.....we are blessed.

As I look back here are some of the highlights of the year for me and our family.

January: Tyler turned 16. He got his license and started driving in March. He got his first job in May at Little Caesar's and the pace of life for him has picked up quite a bit. His interests are music (guitar, sax and singing), writing (novels and music), basketball, and he is part of the student leadership in our church's high school youth group.

In February Emily turned 14. Her interests are music (singing, piano, clarinet, bass guitar), sewing, basketball and drama. She is currently rehearsing for her involvement in the chorus of "My Fair Lady, to be performed in Late-February.

Tyler and Emily are two terrific teenagers!

In April Tim and I went to Zambia, AFRICA! Wow! I can still hardly believe it. I am so thankful for this great opportunity. We were part of a worship team that led worship at a couple of youth conferences on purity. What a privilege to go there and meet so many other wonderful people in God's family! To read more about this trip, you can read my journal at - click on ministry. This trip changed me.

In June I had the privilege of leading worship at the East Michigan District Family Camp in Vassar Michigan. It was a lot of work (!) but I loved doing it - and would love to have the opportunity to do this more and more. It's what God wired me to do!

In August our Family took a trip to Mackinac Island - and instead of taking the ferry across from the mainland to the island, we drove our own boat across Lake Huron! It was a fabulous and fun adventure! We all had a great time together!

Also in August we gained a new niece, from Albania! Tim's brother Bob and his wife Lori are the blessed parents. God is good. We are thrilled to have Hannah Grace as part of our family.

Another highlights of this year is that two of the songs I have co-written got national radio play....They were both recorded by my friend, Sarah Schieber. A love song, "Until the Very End" played in the fall of 2007 and winter of 2008, and worship song "Show Us Your Glory" played this past summer and fall. The main network of stations that played these songs were American Family Radio. What a blessing - God expanded my territory and I am so grateful!
He has been expanding Sarah's territory as well - I am so proud of my friend!....In fact Sarah's latest single (written by Paul Marino), Christmas in Heaven, placed #17 on the National Inspo charts nationwide! Sarah has a remarkable story, and God is doing great things in her life and ministry. For more info go to www.sarahschieber. com

In October Tyler and I took a trip Florida to visit my mom and dad around the date of my dad's 75th birthday. We had a very good time together.

Then in November, about 6 weeks later, my dad had a stroke. He is still recovering, is at home, and needs your prayers. What is affected has been his cognitive skills and mostly shows up in his communication (words get mixed up).

In the photo below is my dad with his brother, my Uncle John.

All in all, we can truly trace God's hand, leading, guiding all the way. We look forward to a wonderful new year ahead.

We wish you and yours a most blessed 2009!

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  1. Hi Paula! Happy New Year! May 2009 be a blessed year for you and your family. I hope we can do another wonderful evening out on the lake this summer! That sure was fun
    I am at my Dad's in Midland today, Friday. I needed to come visit him. Jonah came with so he can hang out with his cousins. Missy and Libby and Mal went to TC to see her parents.
    I have started following a few blogs, and I added yours. So you have at least one follower! I suspect you will have many more. This whole blog thing is kinda addicting. I enjoy reading Sarah's, and I found a couple written by paramedics...I enjoy reading what they have to say about EMS stuff. I am thinking about starting my own blog...not sure I have much to say but we'll see. Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc......seems like an awful lot to keep up on!
    Finally, I think we may be getting our boys together a lot for their budding rock band. They have a lot of potential and it is exciting to see what they are doing. We certainy support their effort and pray they will have great success.

    Have a great day and TTYL.