Monday, December 29, 2008


Looking back at 2008, our family almost made it through without any major tragic 'event'. We are so blessed....indeed we are. Life is so good.
Yet, on 11/20/2008 our family experienced a tragic jolt - my Dad had a stroke, very unexpectedly. Dad has always been the strong one of my two parents. Mom, who's been a diabetic for 66 years and broke her hip around 4 years ago, has needed his care all of their married 58 years, but particularly these last 4 years.
Now Dad is 'down'.
We have so much to be grateful for - as far as a stroke goes, it affected only his speech and the cognitive processing skills needed for conversation and expression. He can speak words well, but is having great difficulty most of the time in accurately stating what he wishes to say, and some of the time, understanding what others say.
Dad is home now after spending three weeks in the rehabilitation center. He has come a long way, yet has a long way to go.
Will you please pray for Dad's continued recovery and his healing?
One thing I have learned through this is that I took my dad's good health 'for granted'. Each time I was with my parents, when we parted it went through my mind that I might not ever see my Mom as she was again, but it really didn't occur to me to consider that things could change so quickly for my dad.
So let's treasure every encounter that we have with our loved ones today - and try to not take anyone or any day for granted.

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