Friday, January 9, 2009

Good things happening....

Hi everyone-

Tomorrow Tim and I are headed to Florida to visit my Mom and Dad. It's been around 5 weeks since I was last there with them, and I am eager to see them, in their home again and be able to witness the progress Dad is making firsthand.
When I speak with Dad on the phone I have been able to tell that he has made a lot of improvement.
Mom and Dad are still using the services provided by a caregiver between 9 pm and 9 am each night. That is going well and providing good help for both of them.
Starting soon Dad will be receiving some sessions of speech and occupational therapy. I had anticipated this starting right away after his release from Rehab, but to this point none has occurred. This week on Tuesday when I called the doctor who was to authorize the therapy to check on why it had not started yet, his reply was that Dad did not need therapy. Well, this was a most unexpected answer - and the doctor who said that was the only professional so far who has checked on Dad during all this time who felt that way. Everyone else has agreed that therapy - as much of it and for as long as possible - is extremely needed and would prove to be most beneficial for my Dad's recovery. To say that I was upset is putting it mildly :) because this is the doctor with whom 'the buck stops' - and if he says Dad isn't getting therapy, it would make it difficult to get the therapy.
But there was a miracle. God used the lady from the Rehab Center as well as the doctor's own receptionist, as best I can tell, to change the doctor's mind, and the very next day his office called my mother up and said that Dad would be receiving therapy - the doctor wanted him to get therapy. Great news!!!! Finally.....
So I will be interviewing a couple of places Monday and Tuesday and deciding where he will receive the therapy and we'll get that set up soon. I am so grateful that he will get the needed therapy. He has progressed really well on his own these three weeks without getting therapy, so I expect the therapy will accelerate his progress in the weeks to come.
Please pray for wisdom for Tim and me while we are there with Mom and Dad. We desire for God to guide our conversations and decisions....and expect that this will be a very special time together. We'll return home on Wednesday.

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