Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday in Florida

Greetings from Florida where Tim and I are visiting my parents. Yesterday we left Michigan with the temperatures in the 20s and the plane needing to be de-iced before we could take off, and today we wore sandals, no coats, and enjoyed a most pleasant 78 degree day. So, so nice!
Of more importance than the weather however, today we witnessed a very special event. Tonight Dad played his bass guitar in the band for the songs in church, and did a tremendous job, for the first time since his stroke 7 weeks ago and he played just as good as ever. AND (drum roll!)Dad also tonight sang a duet with me for a special in church. It was an anointed time - believe me! His singing truly was a dramatic statement for how good God has been to Dad during all that Dad has been through physically the past 7 weeks....We sang "Greater Than These", with "How Great Thou Art". The congregation of over 500 people at the Brooksville Wesleyan Church applauded and stood to their feet in a standing ovation afterwards. It was a 'moment' that many of us will remember with gratitude for a long time. And it was truly a blessing, one that was unexpected and would have seemed impossible a few short weeks ago. But what is impossible with man, becomes possible with God. So we are truly thankful and blessed.
****I hope to post a video soon of our duet so you can see for yourself. Check back in a few days.****


  1. I am so happy to hear that your dad is doing better. How special it must have been to sing with him again!

  2. What a true blessing. God is so good! I will keep praying.

    Tyler did great last night. It was fun to watch him play and score.