Saturday, December 17, 2011

They had waited SO LONG....

The Promised Messiah; He would come and save them. He was their answer. He would come, wouldn't he? But the nation of Israel waited and waited. They waited some more. No Messiah. Just the same old same old day after day after day. Nothing new. No hope. No light. No Promised One. No Messiah.

What had happened to the Messiah? Were they wrong to believe the ancient prophets of old who foretold this great event? Why in the world was it taking so long, if it really was true? How long o Lord, how long?

Waiting; you see, this is nothing new. So much of our present day life is filled with waiting. Filled with delays. Filled with the exasperation of wondering if that ever-elusive long-awaited event will ever happen?

And then, as soon as it happens, we're on to the next thing. And then the story repeats itself.

One thing that is consistent throughout all time is that too often we are always straining ahead. We're tired of the 'old', so bring in the 'new'.

So often as we strain to look past what we have, we miss what we HAVE. Too often I miss the joy of the anticipation, which is mine to choose over frustration. I often allow myself to become anxious instead of accepting the gift of peace to hold me together calmly as I wait the inevitable 'wait'.

So it was that even when the Messiah arrived as a small Baby Jesus, born to a virgin, Mary, that he was not readily recognized. His appearance and form caught them totally off-guard. They were looking too far ahead; to a grown man, when instead, first they would get to enjoy the gift of a newborn baby to love. A child to grow, to become, to present himself, as the Messiah.

He had come. He was here long before it was confirmed to them. Long before.

So it is with us: our long-awaited joys are here. Right now. Let's not miss them. Let's embrace the wait, because we know that we are not alone. The gift of the Christmas season is the message that God is WITH us.
GOD is with us.
God is with US.

What a true miracle, that God came to earth in the form of a pure and spotless baby, walked on our paths, ate our foods, felt what we feel, touch what touches us, all for love of us. And then he left so that he could send an ever-present Holy Spirit to take up his residence inside us.... So that still, he can walk our paths, eat with us, feel what we feel, touch what touches us, all for love of us.

We need to wait no more....He is here. Our long-awaited Messiah.
Rejoice in Him!
The long wait has ended.

And....we rejoice, because one day: Christ will come again.
And in that blessed hope, we wait.
Embrace the wait.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

40 Days until Christmas

So today I realized that it is only 40 days until Christmas.
And next week is Thanksgiving Day, already! My goodness!

I think it's time to get into the holiday spirit, ready or not, to begin to prepare for this joyous time of year with great anticipation and expectancy!

I haven't felt nearly as ready for the holidays this year. It's been a tumultuous year in many ways, at least since the accident in May. Our family has been displaced from a 'home' and even still are only in a temporary rented home.

As we look forward over the coming month there is much to look forward to, to anticipate. Many changes are ahead. Good changes. Many decisions, much work, and the ever present unknowns.

One thing I am learning, however, is that there are things more important than 'things' and that sometimes the intangible is more to be desired than the touchable.

There will always be an array of issues that could tend to shake my peace and threaten to rob some measure of joy. But absolutely nothing is worth trading these gifts; gifts that God wants to daily give to me....nothing should take these away. I choose peace and I choose joy and I am grateful!

So, in that spirit of thankfulness and gratitude, let the holiday season begin!

Why wait? Let the preparation begin in my heart. May each of the 40 days ahead be a celebration of the gifts God gives to us every day....Joy. Peace. Hope. Love. Life. Abundant name a few.

Physical Therapy Continues

A few weeks back I was 'released' from physical therapy. Of course, that sounds good! But then again, I know I have a long ways yet to go to get to normal. So, we wonder, what about that? Yes, I'll work on exercises still at home, yes, time will continue to bring things back around....But? Should I be done, we wondered?

Well, today, the doctor answered that for us. I went for my visit and he recommended I continue with the physical therapy for a while longer, since I was still receiving help and seeing progress. So that is good news, really, all in all. More opportunity to receive optimal benefits that therapy can offer in this time frame.

And I also will bring back the prayer request for additional blood flow to the talus bone that was broken in the ankle. It still needs increased blood flow or there could be problems down the road. Please pray that this is a total healing! I do believe that God will grant this, and your prayers are greatly appreciated as you join with me, in praying and believing this to be true!

That's all for now. I continue to 'saunter' down the road of recovery.

Monday, October 24, 2011


Sometimes in order to realize how far I'm coming I am forced to look back and see how far I've please allow me to do that here. =)

Tim purchased a Meijer Garden Membership for me on the last day of June so that I might go often and bring a friend. (I needed something to do to entertain myself this summer!)
And so I've been there quite a few times since June....first with Tyler, other times with Jeanne, with Sherri, with Tim, and maybe another time or two here and there...always in a wheelchair.

Well, I am pleased as punch and THANKFUL to God to say that today I went there with my friend, Lisa, and for around an hour, we strolled through the Gardens at a very relaxed pace, taking a couple of sit-down breaks, and I did my own WALKING! And I did very well, I might add. That's progress....that's real progress, and I am excited about this!

It was SO good for me to do this today, because as I've realized often these past few weeks, the more I recover and the closer I get to being back to 'normal', the more frustrated I can tend to be at the gap that still definitely does exist between where I am and where I need yet to be.

So looking back and realizing how far I've come, that definitely helps! SO today I am celebrating a major milestone! Walking through Meijer Gardens...and what a beautiful October day to do so!

Saturday, October 22, 2011


#40 walking cane-free
#41 an unexpectedly lovely, sunny, mild October day
#42 summer hotel living is over
#43 comfy socks
#44 friendships - old and new


Today was my first total day to be out of the house without the cane. I attended a conference all day at church, and decided to not take my cane along. It was freeing to be cane-free...and also quite an adventure at the same time.

No, I will not be signing up for any marathons any time soon.
Yes, I did feel like I might topple over a couple of times.
No, my stride is not yet smooth.
Yes, my ankle still feels stiff.
No, I didn't know recovery would be this hard and take this long.
But, yes, I'm moving forward...making progress...heading in the right direction.

So I continue to count my blessings, of which I have many. Cane-free, this day is another mile-marker for my journey of recovery.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Blessings .....#30

#30 physical therapists
#31 changed hearts
#32 freedom
#33 hope
#34 joy
#35 peace
#36 love
#37 digital book apps
#38 rain
#39 changed perspectives

Blessings, continued.....#21

#21 Emily returning home unexpectedly in the midst of her busy day
#22 hot water
#23 cleansing showers
#24 sun peeking through clouds
#25 morning mist
#26 nourishing food
#27 healing
#28 more-than-adequate provision
#29 second chances

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Counting Blessings.....starting with #1

Starting with #1 and in no particular order, today I am beginning to blog lists of blessings, great and small....and will add to it along the way.
#1 God
#2 salvation
#3 the sunshine of this October day
#4 the rare, Indian summer warmth of this October day in Michigan
#5 my husband
#6 my daughter
#7 my son
#8 my mom
#9 my dad
#10 friends
#11 clean water, readily available
#12 the ability to get from point A to B on my own two feet
#13 the gift of sight
#14 the gift of hearing
#15 the Bible, God's Word
#16 the freedom to worship
#17 music
#18 laughter
#19 autumn's beauty
#20 my dog, Jake

And there we go, in a matter of a few seconds, I've listed 20 blessings just like that. And I've only tapped the surface. I'll list more later.
What are you grateful for today?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Good News

I am very excited to write this update because it is filled with good news.

Physically I continue to progress. Walking with a cane only, and at home, having permission from the therapist to walk without a cane. This is going well.
I still must move slowly, and if some days I walk more distance than normal, it is not uncommon to "feel it" the next day, so I am definitely obliged to listen to my body for the speed and sequencing of my progress.
But all in all: I feel as though I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Three weeks of therapy remain....hopefully I will be strong enough to be done at that point....Hopefully done with the cane, even though I may still be moving slowly.

Also, good news on the house front: We learned last week that the bank has accepted our offer on the home we plan to buy in Hudsonville. Possession will be sometime near Thanksgiving, so we now have a home to look forward to moving into sometime shortly after that. Such a relief!

And finally, God has been good to allow me to play a healed wrist for the midweek Oasis service these past three weeks, and also play and lead worship for two hours on Saturday at an event at our church.
And as of this coming weekend, after a 5 month absence, I will be returning to play for the weekend services at KCC. This is a big milestone for me! ...cause for great rejoicing!
I'd appreciate your prayers to surround me in peace and God's power through this weekend; that His glory would be beautifully and wonderfully displayed! Can't wait to praise Him in the public assembly for all He has done!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!

Sunday, October 2nd my dad, PAUL DAVIS, is turning 81 years old. Dad is a wonderful man.
In honor of him and his birthday, I compiled this list of "81 Things I Love About You, Dad"...and I'd like to share those things with you.

81 Things I Love About you, Dad:

1. your smile
2. your sense of humor
3. your dark eyes
4. your singing voice
5. you’re a good acoustic guitar player
6. you’re a good bass player
7. you’ve been a good provider for the family
8. you are a good husband to Mom
9. you’re a loving father
10. you’re a proud grandfather
11. you are a great father-in-law to Tim
12. you’re a great builder/woodworker
13. handyman
14. you treated your parents with respect
15. jokes
16. good friend
17. you are generous
18. kind
19. loving
20. happy hearted
21. you believe the best in others
22. you love God
23. you have a big heart
24. you’re a manly man
25. you use good grammar
26. you’re a good storyteller
27. good looking
28. you make people feel comfortable
29. you’ve ‘never met a stranger’
30. a great piano tuner (my favorite!)
31. you have a great musical ‘ear’
32. you say “I’m sorry”
33. you value people
34. you value family
35. you understand the importance of good friendships
36. you like ice cream
37. you make good coffee
38. you are a man of integrity
39. a man of strength
40. you are honest
41. you are kind
42. you are helpful
43. you are courageous
44. you aren’t afraid to cry
45. you are respected by all who know you
46. you are loved by many
47. you’ve taught me so much about life
48. you are smart
49. you used whoppers to bribe me to go down the slide
50. you passed on your musical ‘genes’ to me
51. you passed on your musical ‘genes’ to your grandchildren
52. you take great care of Mom
53. you took good care of me
54. you are forgiving
55. you do laundry
56. you go grocery shopping
57. you do dishes
58. you have a great laugh
59. you’ve been faithful to your family
60. you’ve been faithful to God
61. you gave me a beautiful Kawai piano
62. you have strong hands
63. you can fix anything
64. you have a good reputation
65. you are ‘honored at the city gates’
66. you are a sharp ‘dresser’
67. you mean what you say
68. you sing words you mean
69. you love good music
70. your enthusiasm
71. joyful spirit
72. you have a cute grin
73. you like to ‘give’
74. you have good handwriting
75. you are a good speller
76. you were patient with me as I learned to drive a car
77. you put tape on piano keys to help me learn how to play
78. you show others you care
79. you say “thank you”
80. you let me have a dog while I was growing up
81. you smell good

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Kind &
Quite frankly,
Voice my

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Worried about worrying

I've recently been pondering 'worry'. We all do it, don't we? I know that I do. It's hereditary if nothing else!
Worrying is something I can be really good at it, if I want to be.
But do I want to be?
I don't want to worry! Not at all! Then why do I do it so often?

The Bible advises us not to worry.

"Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes?" Matthew 6:25

Don't worry about anything;
instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Philippians 4:6

"Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you." 1 Peter 5:7

So often I am guilty of just letting worry seep in and not rooting it out of my life
soon enough.
But what can worry really accomplish?

Worry seems to be a responsible thing to do....In fact, if we don't worry about it, no one else will, right?

But even Mark Twain has said that: "I have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened."
It is reported that 90% of what we worry about never even happens.

It's easy to see, especially in the lives of others who are worrying, that worry is not helping, but often times is hurting them. If nothing else, worry robs the worrier of his/her joy and peace.

When we have heavy things going on in our lives, it's only natural that we worry. That's often, understandably, our first, instinctive reaction.....

However, I am searching for the possibility that perhaps a natural-born worrier like me can learn to throw it off and search sooner for the peace that God offers to us all.

What would that look like for me?
Perhaps it would look like....
More joy
More peace
Less stress
Less wasted time and energies
Less creativity sapped
More good ideas for how to deal with issues, coming from a quieted heart and mind
More receptivity to the Holy Spirit's voice to my stilled spirit
More Holy Spirit power infused into my days
Less human striving accomplishing little in comparison

So therefore....
Today I am resolving to take each opportunity to worry, and instead, to draw closer to God in worship - thanking Him that he offers to carry my burdens for me. I need His strength. I need His power. I need Him because He is bigger, wiser, greater, all-knowing, and is always working on my behalf to bring about His good plan for my life. He's trustworthy & dependable.
I am grateful....thankful....blessed!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Home Is....

HOME, defined by Wikipedia:
// A home is a place of residence or refuge.[1] When it refers to a building, it is usually a place in which an individual or a family can rest and store personal property. // "Home" is also used to refer to the geographical area (whether it be a suburb, town, city or country) in which a person grew up or feels they belong, or it can refer to the native habitat of a wild animal. // Sometimes, as an alternative to the definition of "home" as a physical locale ("Home is where you hang your hat"), home may be perceived to have no physical location—instead, home may relate instead to a mental or emotional state of refuge or comfort. Popular sayings along these lines are "Home is where the heart is" or "You can never go home again".
There are cultures in which members lack permanent homes, such as with nomadic people. //

So apparently, according to this last stated definition, I could very well be considered a nomad. My family and I currently lack a permanent home.

After living on one street for 21+ years, since this past May, my address has changed five times:
from 2052 Galewood, Wyoming,
to 4110 Sandpiper Dr. Kentwood,
to Spectrum Health Hospital, Grand Rapids,
to Mary Free Bed Hospital, Grand Rapids,
to my present location, at 3000 Lake Eastbrook, Grand Rapids.

And, soon, as soon as I am considered well-enough, recovery complete, I will be moving again....And where, then, shall we go?

All summer we've been looking for a new house to buy, since we sold ours in May and are planning to move.... However, no house suitable has yet been found. [Hopefully we're close - but who knows?]
Naturally, this can cause a bit of stress and unease. I just want a home!

However, this time of being 'homeless' has also served to more properly defines what is important about a "home". Even though we've been without a place to call home this summer I am so grateful that our family of four has been together, and for the majority of the summer, have had the very same roof over our heads at night.
I am thankful for my family. They are my HOME.

And I am thankful for God, who is my shield and my refuge, my strong tower, the shelter in which I can hide; He is my HOME.

I am have a HOME when I have no place to call "home".

Thursday, August 18, 2011

totally dependent....

This summer, being handicapped by the accident...having had a broken wrist and broken ankle, being wheelchair and walker bound with limited mobililty....I have been very dependent on others for lots of things.

I am not one who accepts help easily. I am sure that this is not a good thing :(
I'd much rather be the one giving help instead of receiving it. It is very humbling to be in the position of needing help for nearly everything....transportation, meals, laundry, house cleaning, the simple things in life, things so often taken for granted...the whole nine yards.

So there's been a lot of time to reflect...on the goodness of others. How total strangers will be so kind and compassionate and helpful. How wonderful my dear family members and precious friends have been to think of ways to help, to encourage, and done so with a smile on their face and joy in their heart. I am blessed with amazing family and friends and will forever remember the sweetness they have brought into this otherwise drab season of life.

I have a few weeks/months to go but I am starting to be able to do more. My wrist has healed, and I am using it quite fully and fairly normally. My ankle is still healing in some ways, yet is sturdy enough to be receiving my weight so yesterday I began taking first steps, and know that this will progress, too, in time, so that I can eventually be up and walking normally again. I thank God for this hope and for his healing, and how he has made our bodies to heal from severe trauma.

I am eager to regain normal living! I am eager to gain independence again - and who would fault me? No one, I'm sure!

Yet, I hope and pray that I will carry with me, the open eyes and open mindedness that continues to see things in a new light. That I may extend to those in need, the helpfulness and hope that my friends and family have extended to me. And that I might always slow down enough to take time to enjoy the friendships along the way, and to take the time to reach out. This summer God has given me a front row seat to pain and suffering and I want to use it for good.

So challenging....

And I also pray and hope that I will keep in some sense this sense of total dependency...upon God. This accident and the events of this summer have reminded me, that though I never really was in control of my life....I wanted to be and tried to be, and to a small degree, perhaps, even might have thought that I was - at least a little :) But I know now that I am definitely not in control of my life. I cannot foresee or alter what is coming at me....I can only accept and react as God would have me to respond.

Help me God - and keep me totally dependent....on YOU.

Challenging Words from Mama Maggie

Silence your body to listen to words.
Silence your tongue to listen to your thoughts.
Silence your thoughts to listen to your heart beating.
Silence your heart to listen to your spirit.
Silence your spirit to listen to His Spirit.
-Mama Maggie Gorban

Monday, August 15, 2011

Healing of My Speech Impediment

When I was a very young girl God healed me of a speech impediment. A few days ago a long-time friend asked me to write out the story so she could share it with someone, and I also want to share the story with all of you.

When I was around 5 or 6 years old my parents and others began to notice that I did not speak clearly. I had an impediment. Whenever I’d speak the consonants S, Sh, Tr, Ch, or J, along with those sounds appeared a “nasal snort”. It was a very unpleasant sound.

Had I been in a public school setting I am sure I would have been sent to Speech Therapy, but my parents and I were living an unusual life at the time. Mom and Dad were song evangelists who would travel to churches and camp meetings all over the United States. We were in a different city every week, lived in a travel trailer, and I was homeschooled by my mother.

It became apparent that I needed help. I was becoming very self-conscious and embarrassed due to this, and was becoming quite withdrawn in public.

My parents considered that perhaps they should settle down from their living on the road, to find a permanent home so that I could get the help I needed. Yet, they knew that they had a call from God to do what they do, and didn’t take that call lightly. Also they had received a call for some meetings in Florida during the winter of 1971, and they had never been/always wanted to go to Florida, and decided to remain in this work until after that, then make the decision as to what to do.

Meanwhile, my parents took me to Detroit Michigan to Ford Hospital to see a speech therapist there to try to get some help. The therapist assigned me speech exercises and asked for me to return a few months later.

All during this time my parents were requesting prayer from everyone they could, all over the country. They had a lot of friends, and every week in their meetings would meet more and more people who joined us all in prayer for my healing and for direction for my mom and dad to know what to do.

The meetings in Florida in the winter of 1971 were behind us, and in March we were in the car, travelling north to return to Michigan. We soon would have the follow-up appointment with the speech therapist, so my mom suggested, as we were going down the road, that I should use the time to practice my speech exercises. I had been playing with my doll in the back seat of the car, so just then, I looked at my doll, and to the doll (who apparently in my make believe world, was crying?..), I said “Sh”. And I said it NORMALLY! (no snort!...which I had NEVER done!). My mom heard this and whipped her head around and said “What did you say?”, and I replied, “Sh!” – again, clearly!

So that day was a joy-filled day for sure! I was able to say not only the “sh” sound, but also “tr” and “ch”. So I’d read the road signs and truck logos and anything I could with these sounds in it – and we’d laugh and praise God and rejoice!

The “J” sound didn’t come until a few weeks later. During our family devotions, the Bible reading was from the book in the Bible: 1st John. My mom asked me to read the Bible that day, and she told me the passage was in 1st John….and I repeated the reference after her, saying “1st John…” – and this time I said J correctly! Once again this turned into a time of hilarious rejoicing! I was able to speak all the sounds correctly, which had before been accompanied by an obnoxious nasal snort. God healed me completely!

Praise Him!

Health is a Blessing!

If you are enjoying the gift of good health today, do not take it for granted. Thank GodI

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Accident on 52nd Street

On Wednesday, May 25th at approximately 4:45 pm, as I was driving my van on the way to my apartment, a driver crossed the center line and hit me head-on. We were in a residential area of Kentwood Michigan, each going approximately 50 mph.

Sadly the driver who hit me died at the scene from a broken neck. I thank God for sparing my life in this terrible accident.
I sustained two areas of injury - a broken right wrist and a broken (crushed) right ankle.

Just after midnight on May 26th I had surgeries on both areas and have been on a non-weight bearing status since then. We are approaching twelve weeks, this coming week, since the accident.

I am still non-weight-bearing on my ankle and am bound to the wheelchair and hopping with a walker for getting places. However, my wrist is fully healed and I have been using it for the past three weeks. I just need to continue to gain strength and mobility, but I am so encouraged with its progress.

There are so many specifics related to this accident and the recovery that I will not go into here....however, I have been writing updates on another site since the accident, and you may use this address to go there to learn more if you'd like.
The name of my page is ThyFaithfulness

Monday, May 23, 2011

Birthday Week for my Mom: Ruby Davis

May 25, 1931 - this was the date when Ruby Eileen Houston was born to Claude and Lola Houston.
Ruby's only sibling, brother, Coy was 15 years older than she.
She became the pride and joy of her home.
Ruby Houston Davis is my mother.
Eighty years have passed since her birth.

On Wednesday of this week she will celebrate her 80th birthday!

And that is quite amazing, considering that Mom has had diabetes for 67 years (diagnosed with it at the age of 12 - long before much was even known about the disease nor how to treat it). All who have ever known my mother would agree that has always seemed to be somewhat frail in health. Yet, it's amazing how well my mother has gotten along, especially when you consider her diabetic condition. God has been very good to my mother!

Also through all of these years my mother has always been a kind, loving, caring, absolutely sweet individual. Everyone who has ever met her would agree.

You may or may not know; her lifestyle as a young woman, young wife started out (and continued for over 25 years) to be lived on the road;in a different city each week, singing music with my dad at revival meetings. Their only home was a travel trailer, and were parked in a different city each week of the year. Mom and Dad were always meeting and interacting with new people, always in the 'public eye', living in a 'glass house' sort of scenario.

I was born after Mom and Dad had been married for 13 years and was quite a surprise to her and to Dad. Mom was very sick while expecting me, and doctors and friends feared for her health - wondering if she'd even endure the stress of a child being born. But she did! I am grateful. :)

My mother's mom and dad died before I was born, each of them around the age of 62 when they passed on. All my life growing up, I could tell by the way my mom would speak that she didn't expect to live any longer than her parents had - and it's been my impression that she expected to be gone to Heaven at least by the age of 62, if not sooner.

Mom has survived a stroke, a mild heart attack, a quadruple bypass, and a broken hip...and has come back kicking (well not literally), every single time. God has certainly been good to my mother and blessed her with remarkably good health all these years.

She has also been by my Dad's side (they are coming up on 61 years of marriage next month)through Dad's health challenges of heart bypass and recently his stroke, two years ago.

Here I would like to insert that my dad has always been very so wonderful to my mom, treating her like an exotic flower, caring tenderly for her at all times.

Mom has become a stronger woman throughout all her life. Especially in these past couple of years, as many changes have occurred, many not pleasant, I have seen her become stronger in spirit and stronger in endurance.

With each passing birthday she chuckles and says...."can you believe I'm 70?" can you believe I'm 79?" Well on Wednesday, God giving her a couple more days, she will be able to say, "Can you believe I'm 80?" and she will smile and she will chuckle! And so will we who hear her say it.
We love the fact that she is 80! And yes, we believe it!

I've always said that if God has favorites, she is one of his favorites!
She is a wonderful woman and I am so thankful that she is my mom.

Happy 80th Birthday, Mom!
And many more...

With love.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sentiments from a Snowmobile

This past Sunday afternoon, Tim and I went snowmobiling for time #3. It was 12 degrees outside, so I was a little suspicious of whether or not going out was wise, but we stayed quite warm dressed in our winter gear and we had a delightful time out on the trails together.

Instead of doubling up on the same sled, this time we each drove our own. This provided an unexpected quiet time alone on the sled with my thoughts, prompting this blog entry. Well, quiet except for the loud roaring of the snowmobile engine. :)

A few miles into the ride, I realized that it had been way too long since I had just been quiet, uninterrupted and alone with my thoughts. In today's constantly accessible info/communication environment, even my 'alone' time is often distracted with my desire to check email, Facebook, look up a fact on the internet, or view an incoming text. There's hardly ever a time other than being in the shower, when I can 'drown out' all other distractions and just...think.

It's rather good and extremely therapeutic to just...think. To ponder life. To ponder God's goodness...
I find my creativity wanes when I do not take adequate time to think. The stresses of this world call loudly when I do not quiet myself and think.

And this is all in addition to the morning quiet time with God and devotional time, which I have regularly. I cherish my morning reading and quiet time. But still, in a normal home environment,even then, distractions are close at hand. Always, close at hand, distractions are there to, well...distract.

I think it is important to get one's self into a situation where we can be quiet and think, ponder and God, our Maker, our Guide, our Friend....wherever that might be; on a snowmobile or otherwise. But it makes activities such as snowmobiling have a bit of a higher purpose; I think for me, at least, it can be quite therapeutic.

Additionally, my thoughts went to some situations with some friends recently, where I've been using words such as "We're in this together"...."We can't go through life alone"...."We need each other." As good as it was to have a time to be quiet and alone on my own snowmobile, I was surely glad to not be alone on the trail. I am new to this snowmobiling sport and lacking much knowledge that I might need as we go on the journey. I am glad, so glad, that Tim was close by. It was very comforting to see his sled's taillights ahead of me as I followed, or his headlights in my rearview mirror when he was behind me. Sometimes he'd go out of my sight because he likes to ride faster than I do, but then he'd turn around and I'd see his headlights coming back to find me, to make sure I was okay, still there, not having trouble of any kind. I like that! I need that! And friends, in life, we need a buddy on a sled near ours...we don't want to have to be driving out in the cold, in the dark, all alone. It's just simply not a good idea.

So go ahead, make time for some fun in life, and remember above all to make some time for you to be quiet, listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit and what he wants to whisper to you....
Just don't plan to remain alone...find some good friends and do life together! That makes the adventure just about perfect!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

ZIP DRIVE....Zambia Instrument Project

One of the highlights for me in the year 2010 was the kickoff of the ZIP Drive at a national level. You can learn more about this exciting project/ministry which is helping orphans in Zambia, Africa.

Check out the website at

2011...Joyful in January

Yes, it's been a while....a long while.
My last posting was May 2010. And I was promising to update more often. Yeah, well. :)
Fortunately, it's January, the month of new beginnings, so I am starting over with this blog posting business. Giving it another try....

So much has happened since I last wrote here in May, there'd be no way I could recap all that took place, and it's almost too much to even summarize the highlights. But in a nutshell: God is good. Even when life is hard, God is good. That's the one constant, always, no matter what. God is good....

I've adjusted to Tyler's leaving home for Cornerstone University. It's a 20 minute drive from our home, but brand a new chapter in our lives nonetheless, as he is living on-campus and we go weeks without seeing each other. He is adjusting well to college life and is happy to be there, which makes the adjustment easier for all of us. He is majoring in The Art of Ministry with a Young Adult emphasis. He leads worship on Friday night college gatherings, and also is involved volunteering in leadership with the High School Ministry at Frontline Church.

Last fall, I spent two weeks in Florida with my parents as Dad had another small setback physically. The setback threatened to make changes in their living environment, but thus far, only minor changes have needed to be made, thankfully, and they are still living on their own, in their own cozy Brooksville home, with some help 5 mornings a week from a dear lady named Shirley. Dad is 80 and Mom will celebrate her 80th birthday in May, so all things considered, they are certainly doing very well, and we are grateful to God for his protective, loving and healing hand that holds them close.

Emily is in her junior year of high school and is studying hard this year. She also is having her best year ever playing basketball for the Girls Varsity Hudsonville Hornets team. Also new for Emily as of this past fall, she is involved weekly leading worship at our church's youth worship service that meets on Sunday night. It's very exciting to see her living out this role for which God has greatly gifted her.

Tim is still blessed to be employed by Spectrum Industries, and the company has had one of their most profitable sales-years yet, even in this very hard econonic time. Tim leads a men's small group that meets weekly at our church and he also is serving the Vice Chairman of the Board of Elders for Kentwood Community Church.

Kentwood Community Church is where I am employed, part-time, and it continues to be a great outlet where God uses my gifts and stretches me in many ways including leadership and serving. Our church has just ended a transitional year going from one beloved pastor...Wayne Schmidt, to the next...Kyle Ray. God is doing fabulous things in the lives of our congregation as we allow the Holy Spirit to do His work, and as we commit to becoming a diverse community, where people experience authentic relationships, finding hope and freedom in Jesus Christ, as they unconditionally love, selflessly serve and passionately cultivate life change.

These are among many reasons I have in which to be joyful....I am so very blessed. More later. Have a joyful January.