Monday, January 26, 2009

Successful Surgery for Dad

I have good news for you regarding Dad's surgery today. And I am so grateful because I know so many of you were holding my Dad up to God in your prayers today. Therefore it really should be no surprise that things went very well. :) Instead of Dad's carotid artery being 70% blocked as we had been told, the artery was actually over 90% blocked, so - wow - are we ever grateful that this surgery happened in time to prevent other problems from developing. Indeed it was a serious situation.
When we saw Dad in his room in ICU we immediately noticed that he looked good and there was a better color to his face than before. What a nice and unexpected benefit; proof of the improved blood flow to that area. Dad was quite clear minded and talkative earlier this afternoon, although in quite a bit of pain, which is expected. By evening Dad was medicated fairly heavily for his pain,a bit more comfortable and quite drowsy. Hopefully he will be able to get good rest tonight.
If all goes well he may be able to return home tomorrow....or the next day. I feel great relief that Dad has crossed this major health hurdle, and continue to hope and pray for things to continue to go well in the days ahead. Thank you so much for your prayers!


  1. I am so glad everything seemed to go well! Praise the Lord! I pray that will take another burden off of your shoulders! Still praying for you!

  2. Wow! I'm so glad they did that surgery, it is amazing he was doing as well as he was with over 90% ov the carotid blocked! I'm so happy that it went well, and I will keep praying for a quick recovery.