Thursday, January 29, 2009

Back in the Hospital

This morning Dad woke up not feeling well at all. He did eat a good breakfast, but I felt it necessary to call his doctor about some problems Dad was having with his 'plumbing' and how he wasn't feeling well. Also, around that time we checked his blood pressure and found that it had dropped seriously low. So at 9:30 am he and I took off to the Emergency Room.
They re-admitted Dad into the hospital. He'll probably be able to come home again tomorrow, but before then he will be visited by a urologist and also hopefully his BP can come up a bit and stabilize at a more normal level.
He's bummed to be back but realizes that it's for the best, as he was most miserable. At least now he is resting comfortably, and help will be on its way. Another plus is that he got to eat non-hospital food for dinner last night and breakfast this morning so he has some good nourishment in his system :) ...he barely touches the hospital food.:(
So yes, it's been another long day at the hospital. I am taking a quick break at a nearby office to get some work done, then I'll grab some dinner and head back to be with Dad for a while this evening before returning home.
Mom has been able to stay at home all day and a good friend has stayed there with her and helped her.
We'll be alright... just please keep praying for Dad to improve.

And for any of you northerners who are jealous that I am here in "sunny" Florida... just know that it's rainy and cloudy here today. But it is in the 60s and that is very nice. :)
"Oh, the sun'll come out your bottom dollar that tomorrow there'll be sun...." :)


  1. Paula

    I am really glad you are there and not in Ky. The trees are hanging to the ground with ice. I have never seen anything like this. Next week they are saying more snow is on the way. Not good for my business,however we will be alright. We continue to lift you folks up to a Dr. that is greater than any earthly DR. Thanks for keeping us posted. Love to each of you

  2. Comment 1 from Patricia Newman

  3. Dear Paula,
    I know just how draining all your activities can be, I am sorry for all you have to deal with and for your mothers situation. It is rough to see our parents so needy. I miss the good ol days how about you. How are you children through all this and how is your family coping without you home? Do you have alot of people to fill in for you at church? You will have the faith and strength you need and so will your family because He said he would supply our every need. I am glad you can be with them and care for them. God does great things in us as well as them when we serve them. Love and pray for you always. Shel