Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Long Hospital Day on Tuesday

Just a quick entry before hitting the hay tonight...and hopefully it won't have errors due to my tired state of mind and body.
It's been a long day at the hospital. I was there for a long shift today, leaving only twice in a 9 hour period. Mom and I arrived at 11am and stayed until 8pm. Mom took an afternoon break in the nearby hotel room that my cousin Becky is staying in, but I stayed with Dad or at least in the vicinity of his room, mostly waiting around to not miss the doctor...(the nurse said she'd be a millionaire if she could accurately find a way to tell at what time the doctor would make his rounds....of course, no one ever knows.)
Well, finally I happened upon the doctor when I least expected to see him at 7:30 this evening and was so happy that I had not missed seeing him today. :) Mission accomplished.
Basically Dad did fairly well today....his vitals are good and all that. But he did have some areas of unexpected discomfort. However, once the doctor arrived this evening he was able to suggest something that brought a lot of relief.
Dad is also more confused today than he has been in many weeks. It's slightly disappointing since he's been making such great gain from the stroke, and then today is not doing as well in his word choices and expression. However, the doctor fully expects that this confusion is temporary and a result of the medications and anesthesia in his system. They did a CAT scan tonight simply to double check that all is well - and we do believe the tests will reflect that nothing has changed.
So, tonight Dad remains in the hospital but the doc says that he most likely will be coming home tomorrow. Dad is very eager for this as you can imagine. :)
We sure are grateful for your continued prayers!
Overall, everything is going quite well and we are thankful!

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  1. We are so glad to hear that your father is home!
    Del & Mary Ann Green