Sunday, August 14, 2011

Accident on 52nd Street

On Wednesday, May 25th at approximately 4:45 pm, as I was driving my van on the way to my apartment, a driver crossed the center line and hit me head-on. We were in a residential area of Kentwood Michigan, each going approximately 50 mph.

Sadly the driver who hit me died at the scene from a broken neck. I thank God for sparing my life in this terrible accident.
I sustained two areas of injury - a broken right wrist and a broken (crushed) right ankle.

Just after midnight on May 26th I had surgeries on both areas and have been on a non-weight bearing status since then. We are approaching twelve weeks, this coming week, since the accident.

I am still non-weight-bearing on my ankle and am bound to the wheelchair and hopping with a walker for getting places. However, my wrist is fully healed and I have been using it for the past three weeks. I just need to continue to gain strength and mobility, but I am so encouraged with its progress.

There are so many specifics related to this accident and the recovery that I will not go into here....however, I have been writing updates on another site since the accident, and you may use this address to go there to learn more if you'd like.
The name of my page is ThyFaithfulness

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