Monday, October 24, 2011


Sometimes in order to realize how far I'm coming I am forced to look back and see how far I've please allow me to do that here. =)

Tim purchased a Meijer Garden Membership for me on the last day of June so that I might go often and bring a friend. (I needed something to do to entertain myself this summer!)
And so I've been there quite a few times since June....first with Tyler, other times with Jeanne, with Sherri, with Tim, and maybe another time or two here and there...always in a wheelchair.

Well, I am pleased as punch and THANKFUL to God to say that today I went there with my friend, Lisa, and for around an hour, we strolled through the Gardens at a very relaxed pace, taking a couple of sit-down breaks, and I did my own WALKING! And I did very well, I might add. That's progress....that's real progress, and I am excited about this!

It was SO good for me to do this today, because as I've realized often these past few weeks, the more I recover and the closer I get to being back to 'normal', the more frustrated I can tend to be at the gap that still definitely does exist between where I am and where I need yet to be.

So looking back and realizing how far I've come, that definitely helps! SO today I am celebrating a major milestone! Walking through Meijer Gardens...and what a beautiful October day to do so!

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  1. What joy to read your new blog and see the beauty of a Fall day. Praising with you on your progress and return to a more active lifestyle! Hugs, Pam Sult