Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!

Sunday, October 2nd my dad, PAUL DAVIS, is turning 81 years old. Dad is a wonderful man.
In honor of him and his birthday, I compiled this list of "81 Things I Love About You, Dad"...and I'd like to share those things with you.

81 Things I Love About you, Dad:

1. your smile
2. your sense of humor
3. your dark eyes
4. your singing voice
5. you’re a good acoustic guitar player
6. you’re a good bass player
7. you’ve been a good provider for the family
8. you are a good husband to Mom
9. you’re a loving father
10. you’re a proud grandfather
11. you are a great father-in-law to Tim
12. you’re a great builder/woodworker
13. handyman
14. you treated your parents with respect
15. jokes
16. good friend
17. you are generous
18. kind
19. loving
20. happy hearted
21. you believe the best in others
22. you love God
23. you have a big heart
24. you’re a manly man
25. you use good grammar
26. you’re a good storyteller
27. good looking
28. you make people feel comfortable
29. you’ve ‘never met a stranger’
30. a great piano tuner (my favorite!)
31. you have a great musical ‘ear’
32. you say “I’m sorry”
33. you value people
34. you value family
35. you understand the importance of good friendships
36. you like ice cream
37. you make good coffee
38. you are a man of integrity
39. a man of strength
40. you are honest
41. you are kind
42. you are helpful
43. you are courageous
44. you aren’t afraid to cry
45. you are respected by all who know you
46. you are loved by many
47. you’ve taught me so much about life
48. you are smart
49. you used whoppers to bribe me to go down the slide
50. you passed on your musical ‘genes’ to me
51. you passed on your musical ‘genes’ to your grandchildren
52. you take great care of Mom
53. you took good care of me
54. you are forgiving
55. you do laundry
56. you go grocery shopping
57. you do dishes
58. you have a great laugh
59. you’ve been faithful to your family
60. you’ve been faithful to God
61. you gave me a beautiful Kawai piano
62. you have strong hands
63. you can fix anything
64. you have a good reputation
65. you are ‘honored at the city gates’
66. you are a sharp ‘dresser’
67. you mean what you say
68. you sing words you mean
69. you love good music
70. your enthusiasm
71. joyful spirit
72. you have a cute grin
73. you like to ‘give’
74. you have good handwriting
75. you are a good speller
76. you were patient with me as I learned to drive a car
77. you put tape on piano keys to help me learn how to play
78. you show others you care
79. you say “thank you”
80. you let me have a dog while I was growing up
81. you smell good

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