Monday, October 10, 2011

Good News

I am very excited to write this update because it is filled with good news.

Physically I continue to progress. Walking with a cane only, and at home, having permission from the therapist to walk without a cane. This is going well.
I still must move slowly, and if some days I walk more distance than normal, it is not uncommon to "feel it" the next day, so I am definitely obliged to listen to my body for the speed and sequencing of my progress.
But all in all: I feel as though I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Three weeks of therapy remain....hopefully I will be strong enough to be done at that point....Hopefully done with the cane, even though I may still be moving slowly.

Also, good news on the house front: We learned last week that the bank has accepted our offer on the home we plan to buy in Hudsonville. Possession will be sometime near Thanksgiving, so we now have a home to look forward to moving into sometime shortly after that. Such a relief!

And finally, God has been good to allow me to play a healed wrist for the midweek Oasis service these past three weeks, and also play and lead worship for two hours on Saturday at an event at our church.
And as of this coming weekend, after a 5 month absence, I will be returning to play for the weekend services at KCC. This is a big milestone for me! ...cause for great rejoicing!
I'd appreciate your prayers to surround me in peace and God's power through this weekend; that His glory would be beautifully and wonderfully displayed! Can't wait to praise Him in the public assembly for all He has done!

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