Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Physical Therapy Continues

A few weeks back I was 'released' from physical therapy. Of course, that sounds good! But then again, I know I have a long ways yet to go to get to normal. So, we wonder, what about that? Yes, I'll work on exercises still at home, yes, time will continue to bring things back around....But? Should I be done, we wondered?

Well, today, the doctor answered that for us. I went for my visit and he recommended I continue with the physical therapy for a while longer, since I was still receiving help and seeing progress. So that is good news, really, all in all. More opportunity to receive optimal benefits that therapy can offer in this time frame.

And I also will bring back the prayer request for additional blood flow to the talus bone that was broken in the ankle. It still needs increased blood flow or there could be problems down the road. Please pray that this is a total healing! I do believe that God will grant this, and your prayers are greatly appreciated as you join with me, in praying and believing this to be true!

That's all for now. I continue to 'saunter' down the road of recovery.

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