Monday, May 23, 2011

Birthday Week for my Mom: Ruby Davis

May 25, 1931 - this was the date when Ruby Eileen Houston was born to Claude and Lola Houston.
Ruby's only sibling, brother, Coy was 15 years older than she.
She became the pride and joy of her home.
Ruby Houston Davis is my mother.
Eighty years have passed since her birth.

On Wednesday of this week she will celebrate her 80th birthday!

And that is quite amazing, considering that Mom has had diabetes for 67 years (diagnosed with it at the age of 12 - long before much was even known about the disease nor how to treat it). All who have ever known my mother would agree that has always seemed to be somewhat frail in health. Yet, it's amazing how well my mother has gotten along, especially when you consider her diabetic condition. God has been very good to my mother!

Also through all of these years my mother has always been a kind, loving, caring, absolutely sweet individual. Everyone who has ever met her would agree.

You may or may not know; her lifestyle as a young woman, young wife started out (and continued for over 25 years) to be lived on the road;in a different city each week, singing music with my dad at revival meetings. Their only home was a travel trailer, and were parked in a different city each week of the year. Mom and Dad were always meeting and interacting with new people, always in the 'public eye', living in a 'glass house' sort of scenario.

I was born after Mom and Dad had been married for 13 years and was quite a surprise to her and to Dad. Mom was very sick while expecting me, and doctors and friends feared for her health - wondering if she'd even endure the stress of a child being born. But she did! I am grateful. :)

My mother's mom and dad died before I was born, each of them around the age of 62 when they passed on. All my life growing up, I could tell by the way my mom would speak that she didn't expect to live any longer than her parents had - and it's been my impression that she expected to be gone to Heaven at least by the age of 62, if not sooner.

Mom has survived a stroke, a mild heart attack, a quadruple bypass, and a broken hip...and has come back kicking (well not literally), every single time. God has certainly been good to my mother and blessed her with remarkably good health all these years.

She has also been by my Dad's side (they are coming up on 61 years of marriage next month)through Dad's health challenges of heart bypass and recently his stroke, two years ago.

Here I would like to insert that my dad has always been very so wonderful to my mom, treating her like an exotic flower, caring tenderly for her at all times.

Mom has become a stronger woman throughout all her life. Especially in these past couple of years, as many changes have occurred, many not pleasant, I have seen her become stronger in spirit and stronger in endurance.

With each passing birthday she chuckles and says...."can you believe I'm 70?" can you believe I'm 79?" Well on Wednesday, God giving her a couple more days, she will be able to say, "Can you believe I'm 80?" and she will smile and she will chuckle! And so will we who hear her say it.
We love the fact that she is 80! And yes, we believe it!

I've always said that if God has favorites, she is one of his favorites!
She is a wonderful woman and I am so thankful that she is my mom.

Happy 80th Birthday, Mom!
And many more...

With love.


  1. Such a beautiful tribute to your mom. You are certainly blessed to be her daughter. Happy Birthday, Ruby! I'm sure you don't remember me but, Paula and I enjoyed many good times together in college, including sharing our junior recital. :) Hope your birthday is wonderful.

    Linda Drake
    Emily, MN

  2. Oh, Paula, what a beautiful tribute to your Mother.

  3. This was such a sweet post to read. :) It was wonderful seeing you last weekend!

  4. SO beautiful Paula! Your parents are blessed to have a wonderful daughter like you. You have touched so many lives over the years and I'm honored to say you are my friend.

    Love you,
    Candace Thompson