Sunday, August 28, 2011

Home Is....

HOME, defined by Wikipedia:
// A home is a place of residence or refuge.[1] When it refers to a building, it is usually a place in which an individual or a family can rest and store personal property. // "Home" is also used to refer to the geographical area (whether it be a suburb, town, city or country) in which a person grew up or feels they belong, or it can refer to the native habitat of a wild animal. // Sometimes, as an alternative to the definition of "home" as a physical locale ("Home is where you hang your hat"), home may be perceived to have no physical location—instead, home may relate instead to a mental or emotional state of refuge or comfort. Popular sayings along these lines are "Home is where the heart is" or "You can never go home again".
There are cultures in which members lack permanent homes, such as with nomadic people. //

So apparently, according to this last stated definition, I could very well be considered a nomad. My family and I currently lack a permanent home.

After living on one street for 21+ years, since this past May, my address has changed five times:
from 2052 Galewood, Wyoming,
to 4110 Sandpiper Dr. Kentwood,
to Spectrum Health Hospital, Grand Rapids,
to Mary Free Bed Hospital, Grand Rapids,
to my present location, at 3000 Lake Eastbrook, Grand Rapids.

And, soon, as soon as I am considered well-enough, recovery complete, I will be moving again....And where, then, shall we go?

All summer we've been looking for a new house to buy, since we sold ours in May and are planning to move.... However, no house suitable has yet been found. [Hopefully we're close - but who knows?]
Naturally, this can cause a bit of stress and unease. I just want a home!

However, this time of being 'homeless' has also served to more properly defines what is important about a "home". Even though we've been without a place to call home this summer I am so grateful that our family of four has been together, and for the majority of the summer, have had the very same roof over our heads at night.
I am thankful for my family. They are my HOME.

And I am thankful for God, who is my shield and my refuge, my strong tower, the shelter in which I can hide; He is my HOME.

I am have a HOME when I have no place to call "home".

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