Friday, April 3, 2009

Overdue Update

Hello everyone!
Sorry that I have gotten behind recently in my postings. After Dad's first day home I didn't post anymore because each day just continued to go well, so it was a case of "no news, good news".

Dad IS doing well, but this doesn't mean that each day does not bring it's share of challenges. He is having difficulty getting a good night's rest. He is also somewhat restless periodically, but hopefully, in time, things will settled down a bit. Your prayers that he'd get good sleep and be less confused and restless would be appreciated!

All in all there is just so much to be grateful for. Dad and Mom both have shared since the surgery that they were both thinking that Dad might not make it through this last surgery. Mom felt as though she was telling him "Goodbye" and Dad said that he had been thinking that maybe his "last chapter was through." But God intervened through the capable hands of a wonderful surgeon, Dr. Mallik Piduru, and saw fit to sustain Dad's life for more time and blessings here on earth. And we're all so thankful, and humbled, by God's continual goodness and favor poured out on our family.

Meanwhile, I flew home to Michigan yesterday, so I am back home again. After being gone for 10 days, it was good to be met at the airport by Tim, Tyler and Emily. Emily gave me an extra LONG hug and that meant so much to me!

Then at 6:45 this morning Tim and I dropped Emily and Tyler off at the Amtrak Train Station here in Grand Rapids. They, along with 31 others from our church's High School group are going to Flagstaff, Arizona by train and will be working in that area all next week on various projects and assignments as part of a missions trip with the Navajo Native Americans. They were excited to go, and I am so happy for them that they have this opportunity! But, I must admit that I miss them already!

I think that brings you up to date for now. Thanks for reading!

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