Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mom and Dad Update :)

I just have to brag on my parents....
As you know from my posting a few weeks ago, Mom and Dad put their feet down: NO MORE HELPERS - no more caregivers!!! They were ready to resume 100% care of themselves on their own. They would allow the cleaning lady to come in twice a month, but other than that - they could handle things.

While I was very apprehensive about the timing of this decision, I decided to count my blessings (always a good thing to do) and be grateful that, instead of Mom and Dad adopting a 'poor me' mentality, Mom and Dad were pulling their energies together in a positive way and taking action to do their very best!

That was three weeks ago, and I am pleased to report that they are doing very well.
Dad continues to be able to drive them safely to places they need to go, they are both working hard to eat right (as best I can discern from what they tell me), and in general they are pulling together to make things function well around their place.

AND the most exciting news of all.....(drum roll please!)...Mom is going to the pool to exercise her legs with a friend each morning. She has gone four days in a row this week. This is particularly wonderful because it will most likely raise Mother's degree of circulation in those legs, which would be such a wonderful thing! It's a tremendous step that my mother is taking. I am SO proud of her for doing this, and am hopeful to see it continue. [Thanks, by the way, to Mom's friend Maxine for being such a good exercise buddy!]

Dad's speech therapy will hopefully resume next week after a long pause around the time of Dad's surgery and recovery, then the therapist was ill, then the insurance had some problems....but all is set to resume next week, and we anticipate more positive results once that starts again.
So, all in all - Mom and Dad are doing very well.

It's funny, earlier this afternoon as I was thinking about posting this update on my parents, an email came in from Mom in which she typed, "Dad wants me to ask you if you think we are getting along good, taking care of ourselves??" :)
**Yes, Dad I do! I think you're doing very well....I am proud of you and thankful for both of you!

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