Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Turning the page .....a new chapter

Dad went to the surgeon today and got his staples out. Ouch!!! He, of course is delighted to have them gone. Apparently he checked out well at the doctor, and the doctor even gave Dad the okay to resume his driving once again.

While all is well on the standpoint of Dad's surgical recovery, I'd just like to assure you that your prayers for Mom and Dad are still very needed!! You see, Mom and Dad are doing it "on their own" again. They've turned a page and are into a new chapter now: Dad's surgeries are complete, and because of that, the part-time medical caregivers hired since December to assist them a few hours each day have been let go. This was the deal, that they'd have the caregivers assist them until Dad surgeries/recoveries were completed...and then, we'd let them go, to save money and encourage Mom and Dad's independence. This was the deal and we're sticking to it!

Please pray for fresh strength and health for each new day (and night!), wisdom and patience with each other, wisdom, discernment and direction for Tim and me and our roles in this, Dad's continued improvement with communication and comprehension issues leftover from the stroke. He's come so far yet still has a ways to go.

God is certainly good; all the time. He is faithful. We're trusting him for each day and each new challenge as it comes along.

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