Friday, March 27, 2009

Great first day home for Dad...

Last night we all slept well and Dad has had a good 1st day home.
It really is remarkable how well my dear father has gotten along with his recent surgery. Whenever my parents' friends have called today inquiring how Dad is doing, once they hear that he came home last night, usually the response is: "You're kidding!"

We're all just thrilled to have him home and doing so well, and to know that the checklist of surgeries is completed!

The difficult part ahead will probably be keeping my dad from doing all the things he should not do (mainly no lifting over 10 pounds)for 3-6 weeks. He's a mover and a shaker, a go-getter, and a hard man to keep down. But he'll be good; he has to. :)

As far as how he's doing with stroke recovery, that continues to improve also. The anesthesia from surgery has temporarily impeded progress just a bit...(you know it makes nearly everyone just a little loopy)...but still Dad's coming around.

Dad's humor is even coming back....and that's a wonderful thing to see! I really wondered if ever I'd hear him tell a joke again but it has happened! Tonight he told his first joke (correctly!) since he had the stroke. Mom and I were telling him goodnight and I commented that I smelled the cough drop Dad was sucking on....and Dad replied, "That's like when the man asked the guy,'Do you want a cough drop' and he said, "Sure! I haven't coughed for a long time."

Oh, I love my dad; what a great guy!
And I'm so glad he's coming through this so well!
Praise God!

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