Tuesday, April 21, 2009


That's pretty much me. I like to be CLEAN....wash those hands. Sickness is going around? Let's wash them even more....
"Don't touch the bathroom doorknob on the way out! Be careful! We don't want to get sick!"
Eat right, get enough sleep, take your vitamins...Take care of yourself; stay healthy.

And all that's only referring to health from a physical standpoint....

When it comes to computers I am the same way - I wouldn't want to get a virus! Been there, done that! Getting a virus on the computer is a major inconvenience, and just this week I've spent lots of time taking steps to avoid getting a virus. My paid anti-virus subscription ran out, so I was testing some of the freebies offered online....and they worked well as far as I know but they also slowed my computer way down. Such a pain....so after two days of back and forth with the freebies, I am back to paying for my subscription again.....why? Because no one wants a virus, do they? Nope, not even on their computer.

That's why when I read this sentence yesterday from Lloyd John Ogilvie's devotional book Quiet Moments with God, it caused me to stop and think. He wrote:
"It is so easy to catch the emotional virus of frustration and exasperation."
Ponder that with me for a moment....
Isn't that such a true statement?

I find that in my own life, I am less quick to think of avoiding these emotional viruses of frustration and exasperation than I am the other kinds of viruses mentioned earlier...
Why in the world is that? It seems so easy to give in to the frustration; to give in to the exasperation...to finally feel that I'd "had enough"!

Yes, it is easy to catch the emotional virus of frustration and exasperation, but now that I've read this phrase, I think I'll be able to start looking at this a bit differently.

I want to remain healthy: not only physically, but mentally, spiritually.
In all ways, I want to be well.
God's peace and tranquility, freely offered 24/7 is the anti-virus protection I need. I want to stock up!

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  1. Thank you for that reminder, Paula. God is our Anti-Virus! Awesome!