Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Plane Has Landed...

According to the Flight Tracker at Delta Airlines the flight which Tyler and the rest of the team have been on since last evening has landed! :)
[By the way, I am so grateful for the internet with features that tell you such things....]
So they're now in Johannesburg, South Africa.
As I write this on Saturday at 1:30 pm, it is 7:30 pm there.
The plan is for them to stay overnight at the hotel there at the airport, then tomorrow morning at 11:05 am their time (5:05 am EST), they will board a British Airways plane for a two hour flight to Livingstone, Zambia. From there they'll drive to Choma where they will be staying for most of the coming week, and get settled in to their new surroundings.

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