Friday, June 19, 2009

And Aunt Carol Too...

So as promised, I'd like to tell you about Thursday's events and revelations.

When I talked with my Aunt Carol on Tuesday, the day her husband, my Uncle John had a near death experience due to heart problems, Aunt Carol told me that she was unable to drive or do much because she had lost sight in her left eye. She stated that on Sunday she had been getting ready for church, looked in the mirror to assess herself and realized she couldn't see all of herself in the mirror. This alarmed her, however by the time they had left their subdivision and were on the main highway, her sight had returned to normal, so she thought no more about it. Everything was fine with her sight on Monday. But Tuesday, however, she noticed that again, much of her sight in the left eye was gone. This concerned her, but they went on to a couple of doctor's appointments, followed by my uncle's entry into the Emergency Room. On Wednesday, at my uncle's insistence, an appointment was made for Thursday morning to get Aunt Carol seen by an Opththalmogoist.

In the morning yesterday, then, my aunt did see this doctor and upon testing her, although he had anticipated a torn retina, he realized there it was not a torn retina but something else, and sent her to the hospital for further testing. Meanwhile yesterday my aunt's sight had continued to deteriorate a bit more, affecting the right eye as well as the left.

[Here let me insert that my uncle was admitted to the hospital in Tampa, which is an hour away from their own home, and was where my uncle and aunt had been for appointments on Tuesday. Aunt Carol had been staying the nights with my parents in Brooksville, and that is where Aunt Carol was seen by the eye doctor and the location of the hospital she was sent hour and a half away from the one my uncle is in!]

Aunt Carol was admitted into the hospital there in Brooksville where they did many tests....and this morning is was confirmed to her that she experienced a stroke on Sunday morning....Fortunately her vision was the only thing affected!

These are unusual times: Uncle John is in a Tampa hospital at the same time that Aunt Carol is in a Brooksville hospital. Uncle John has yet again, seemingly escaped death's call. Apparently God is not done with him yet! 22 years ago this dear uncle of mine had a massive heart attack, was dying, and on a list for a heart transplant when God miraculously healed him and extended his life for all of these years. Aunt Carol, whose hardly been ill a day in her life, has now had a stroke, of all things....and both of these significant health breakdowns occured within two days of each other. What a week!

By the way Aunt Carol told me on the phone this morning, that the doctor had told them that if Uncle John had been only 3 minutes later in arriving at the ER on Tuesday, he would not have made it. Three minutes. Wow. That's cutting it close.

God is in all of this, and watching over each one and each detail. He has a good plan...we're trusting. Things are super crazy and a bit stressful right now, and are right on the heels of several tense months with my dad, following his stroke in November, followed by two serious surgeries. But look how blessed we all are. We all are enjoying the great gift of a new day, of being together for how ever many days the God Lord sees fit to allow. We're going to make it! Indeed, we're very blessed.

Please continue to pray for Aunt Carol and Uncle John! Thanks!!

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