Friday, June 12, 2009

Africa Bound....

....Tyler and the team are Africa bound!!!
Here are some photos from the airport here in Grand Rapids as they were getting ready to leave.

His plane flew out of Grand Rapids around 2:30 this afternoon. He'll arrive in Atlanta around 4:30 pm, then leave Atlanta at 8:05 pm this evening and fly overnight and all morning tomorrow to Johannesburg South Africa, where he will arrive around noon EST tomorrow, which will be 5 pm there in Johannesburg.

The team will stay overnight tomorrow (Saturday) night in Johannesburg then have a short flight from Johannesburg, South Africa to Livingstone, Zambia at 11am-1pm on Sunday, their time, which will be 6am-8am EST Sunday morning. Then they will travel by bus to the place they'll be staying for the week, Choma, and then the real adventure will begin!

There are 10 members on the team from KCC (Kentwood Community Church), 6 teens and 4 adult leaders. This is a tremendous opportunity for all of them, and one that Tyler has been planning for and excited about for over a year and a half!

Please keep Tyler and the entire team in your prayers during the time of this trip. He'll be back home on June 22, ten days from now.

Meanwhile, I'll keep the blog updated with what activities they will be involved in, based on the schedule we were given, and any news I hear as they are away.

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