Monday, June 15, 2009

America to Zambia

Tyler has arrived in Zambia. I know this because Pastor Jeff Eckart, KCC High School pastor and leader of the trip sent a brief email telling us that the group has arrived safe and sound with no glitches. :)

This morning the KCC team met with the local World Hope team and the afternoon was spent shopping and checking out the small town of Choma.

The plans for the next few days, Tuesday through Friday involve participation in some "Hope Fest" and dialoguing events. These will be led by Micah Kephart (check out his website at who is flying to Africa today, arriving tomorrow.

The purpose of these events are to inspire and encourage African young people that they can change things in their country as it pertains to the terrible AIDS epidemic which currently infects 1 out of every 4 Zambians. The team will travel to the villages of Njase and Jembo for these events.

It seems that as I look at the clock almost always I am adding 5 hours, thinking of those in Zambia and what they are doing at this hour. I miss my boy but am so glad he can be there and involved in such great ministry and meeting such tremendously wonderful people!

If I hear more I will update here!

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