Monday, June 1, 2009

Countdown to Africa.....11 days....

No, I'm not going, but I wish I were! However, my son, Tyler, is going! He and nine others, mostly teens, from our church (Kentwood Community Church) are going to Zambia for a week of missions work. The dates of their trip are June 12-22.

It's going to be an incredible, life-changing experience for them all, I am sure!!! Tim and I went in April 2008 to the same area of Zambia where they will be going, and I can truly say that the people they will meet, the scenery they will see...the things their hearts will's indescribable.

In addition to getting my son all ready for international travel, I am getting fifteen various musical instruments ready to send as gifts from our church to the Choma Music Academy, a music academy in a small Zambian city where children can learn musical skills. Our KCC teens will take these instruments with them and deliver them personally to the children at the academy.

The photo above shows some of the children who attend the academy, which is led by Richman Syabambba, who is pictured in the photo below along with his wife Regina. The Syabambbas became dear friends to Tim and me when we met them in 2008. Richman is an amazingly gifted musician himself and is doing great things in Zambia!

So, as you can tell, Zambia, Africa is on our minds and hearts a lot these days as we prepare for Tyler's trip. It is exciting!
I'll be sure to update you as the trip takes place and especially after Tyler and the group return!

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  1. Thank you for sharing, I will be praying for their trip. Thank you for keeping us updated!