Thursday, March 12, 2009


What a privilege it was to be in Williamsburg, Virginia this past weekend for Discover the Joy - a conference attended by over 500 wonderful women! I am astounded that God gave me the awesome privilege to serve Him in this way to these beautiful ladies. My friends, Sarah Schieber and Lisa Beals, pictured here, joined me in leading in worship and we each also spoke in a seminar.
The keynote speaker of the weekend was Evelyn Husband Thompson, whose husband Rick died in the Columbia space shuttle accident of 2003. Evelyn is a marvelous woman of God, humble and transparent as she speaks of God's greatness and good plan for our lives no what matter what the circumstance.
What I took away personally from the conference is that, despite our feelings, despite whether we feel able to go on, God goes on ahead of us, holding our hand, preparing the way. And he accomplishes his purposes and allows us to be used in the process.
Stress decided to take its toll on my body last weekend: headaches attacked me every single night of the conference. I never get headaches and when I do they are not this bad..thankfully! So to say I didn't feel my best was putting it mildly. :)
But that's okay because I saw God work despite my humanness, despite my weaknesses, faults and frailties. Isn't it wonderful that no one can interfere with what God has ordained?!! His ways are best!

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