Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pure Joy

I am up late getting things done in preparation for the Discover the Joy conference in Virginia which I'll be leaving for on Thursday morning.

It's an interesting time when God is getting me ready for something like this.
I am learning more and more, after many repetitions of this same type of scenario, that I cannot FEEL prepared going into these ministry events. Oh yes, sure; the worship sets are planned, the powerpoint presentations have been created, the notes for my speaking assignment are on the printed page, and I have prayerfully studied and prepared my thoughts. Yet, I do NOT feel prepared at all. In fact, I strongly suspect that I will be heading to the conference with the same questions that all of the women attending will be having: "hmmm....I wonder what will be taught at this conference? I wonder what I'll learn from this? I wonder what I'll hear God say to me?" :)

In fact, I think that maybe God is just as interested in teaching me, the teacher, just as much about my topic as He will teach any woman there. After all, I am certainly still a learner, growing, with so much farther to go on this walk of faith.

It just goes against my 'only child' perfectionistic tendencies to go into this with any loose gaps....any undotted "i's" or uncrossed "t's". Yet, I embrace this! I count it a privilege. Over and over God has proven in my life that in my weakness HE is STRONG. He has a marvelous track record! So, if I am confident because of anything, my confidence is in this: that God knows me and I know him.

Since I have done my best to prepare and am attentive to whatever He may choose to do or to say, I can confidently state that the results are in His hands and I am sure that He will accomplish His purposes not only in my life, but in the life of every lady there this weekend who is seeking more of God and his love in their life. God is God, and is totally able and free to do whatever He chooses. And it is pure joy on my part to be used in His kingdom!

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