Monday, March 2, 2009

And on the schedule for this week...

I am getting ready to leave on Thursday and will be gone until Monday. Two dear friends and I are traveling together to Virginia where together we will have the incredible privilege to minister at a Women's conference - DISCOVER THE JOY - in Williamsburg, Virginia. Here's the link to the website if you want to come!

There we will lead in worship in the general sessions, sing a 'fun' concert on Saturday night, and each of us will be teaching a workshop. So, as you know, before any trip things are always crazy and that is truly the case this time! There are way too many things TO DO to cram into the next two days; but somehow, we know, it'll all get done!

Meanwhile, down at my parent's home in Florida, both Mom and Dad are getting over very bad bouts of sicknesses (colds, coughs, fevers) that have taken a bit of a toll on their bodies. So it's been a tough week or so for them. But they are starting to both feel closer to normal now, which is good!
Dad will be going in for an out-patient test at the hospital on Wednesday (having an angiogram) that will determine what type of procedure will be used to repair his aortic aneurysm. So we're hoping and praying that this will be helpful and informative, and that the end result will verify that the simpler of two possible methods will be able to be used for his aorta repair.
Your prayers are always appreciated and they certainly make a difference!
Have a wonderful week. Thanks for reading. :)

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