Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Greetings from Florida...

Today has been a lovely day here in the Sunshine State, with plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the low 80s.

Yesterday I had a wonderful flight down, and was so happy to be greeted at the airport, first by dad waiting for me at the gate, and by my mother and our friend Gail, seated and waiting in the baggage claim area.

It was apparent to me right away that Dad has continued to improve in his conversational abilities since I saw him around a month ago. This is most encouraging; and I so proud of my dad and his determination to continue to press on and have patience in the progress.

I was informed by Gail that my dad did the driving to the airport, from Brooksville to St. Petersburg, and he did a good job! Hurray for Dad! Dad feels so good that he is able to some driving again.

Today it's been so nice to simply be together, not in the hospital, but here at home. Dad, Mom, Gail and I enjoyed lunch together on Mom and Dad's deck, which Dad himself built last fall. Here's a picture of the four of us (thanks to our neighbor Ruth, the photographer!)...

And so, tomorrow the real adventure begins.....we are to arrive at the hospital at 7:00 in the morning and Dad's surgery time is set for 9:05 am. We expect that he will be in the hospital 1-3 days.

So, please keep Dad in your prayers as he goes through the surgery and recovery. This surgery to fix his aorta definitely has its share of risks involved, yet the risk of not doing this surgery is far greater....so we entrust him into the care of a very capable and experienced doctor, and mostly, to the care of the Great Physician, who is more than worthy of our trust, and to Whom we give great thanks for what He/God has already done and what He is going to do.

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  1. Dear Paula,
    We are keeping you and your mom & dad in our prayers. Thanks for the updates! I LOVE the picture of you and your folks :) And how WONDERFUL that your dad is back driving again!

    Love to you all!
    Lori & Bob & Hannah Grace