Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Do you recognize those letters?
Where do you usually see them together in that order?
(If you know the answer this may give you a clue to the great news I am about to share.)

Yesterday Dad had a check up appointment with his neurologist, and the neurologist was very encouraging in his assessment of Dad's progress. Dad's coming along as expected with improvements on schedule.

Before I continue, let me mention that one main casualty of Dad's stroke has been that Dad has been told to NOT drive....and this has been a very huge area of discouragement for Dad (understandably). Who of us would want to give up our freedom to drive? Dad's enjoyed being independent and on the go all his life - and now, to not be allowed to drive - well it's been stifling to say the least, and quite honestly he was not convinced that the day would ever come that he'd be cleared to drive again.

So, the real treat of the day came when Dad asked the doctor when the doctor thought he'd possibly be able to drive which the doctor replied, "You can drive now." Dad said, "You mean today?" and the doctor said, "Why not?"
Need I say more?

Dad is delighted! =) We are all delighted!

Oh what a difference a day makes....or even a moment for that matter. Yes, what a difference a moment makes. Dad definitely had a "moment" yesterday. He drove home and his passenger reported that he did great!
This is yet another answer to your prayers! Isn't God good? Truly good?!

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