Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mothers Day, Dad! :)

So yesterday afternoon I called Mom to wish her a Happy Mothers Day. This went so much better than normal, first off, because despite Mom's mostly deafness, and my only having one bar of reception on my phone from the location I was calling her, Mom heard me REALLY WELL! So that was great! I was able to talk with her for a few minutes, then Dad got on the line.
He was totally in the mood to talk, and frankly, sort of stole the conversation from Mom and me, but I don't think Mom minded. :)
The conversation with Dad went very well. In fact I related to my husband and to my in-laws afterwards, that you really wouldn't have known, from that conversation, that he had had a stroke. It was a blessing! He continues to improve...and when he is well rested, he can converse very well.
Dad also played his bass in church last night for the first time in two months, and that is definitely a good thing. :)
There is so much for which to be grateful!

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