Friday, May 8, 2009

Dad's Speech Therapy Woes...

Alright - time to get praying for Dad again...
This time I would ask that you pray that he will decide to remain in speech therapy.

Way back several months ago when he began his speech therapy his therapist was a girl named Penny, whom he thought highly of, and with whom Dad really 'clicked'. Penny promised good results and hopes were high. Dad did indeed improve under his sessions with Penny, and things were going well.

Then Dad had to take time off from speech therapy while he had the surgery on his aorta. He took two weeks off, then when he was ready to go back, Penny was sick, then the insurance ran out and more sessions had to be petitioned and granted. Finally, last week all came together again and Dad returned excitedly for his first therapy session in 6 weeks or more, only to learn that Penny, who had been promoted to a managerial role over the speech therapy department, decided that she could no longer take the time to give Dad his therapy, and turned him over to a new person, named Nicole.

Last week Nicole evaluated him and today she had a session with him, and Dad is not impressed. :( He is tempted to give up on the speech therapy sessions and stop going altogether because of this switch. I am going to do whatever I can on my end to convince him to hang in there a little bit longer. He needs speech therapy so badly right now; it is absolutely the best thing for him, to help him continue to improve from the remaining effects of the stroke. He has a window of time where he can still keep progressing, and my prayer and hope is that he will make the most of it. Please pray with me that he will continue to press on in this!

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