Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sunny Last Day in Florida

Greetings. Here's a quick post so you'll be updated.
Dad felt quite tired at times and a bit uncomfortable over the weekend, but yesterday started feeling much better.
Yesterday afternoon was filled with business errands for all three of us and today doctor's and therapist appointments.
This morning Dad and I met his new speech therapist who'll start very soon working with him once or twice a week. We like her a lot and are encouraged that she'll be able to encourage even more positive improvements in Dad's speech and thinking abilities!
We'll leave soon for an afternoon filled with three doctor's appointments; two rather routine appointments for Mom, and one for Dad: his post-surgery follow-up. Dad will get his 15 staples out of his carotid incision, and hopefully we will learn when the next procedure to deal with Dad's aortic aneurysm will take place.
I am flying out of state early tomorrow to return home to Michigan. It's always tough to leave Mom and Dad yet also wonderful to return home to my dear family. They have been so patient and giving to carry on and allow me to be here when I need to be.
The continued improvement that I have seen in Dad this time is remarkable. He is communicating better all the time; even bringing back some one-liners and humor that I had wondered if ever would return. So, he's making it through the stroke recovery, his carotid artery surgery was very successful, and now he faces yet one more hurdle, the aortic aneurysm. Two miracles down, one to go, as someone mentioned to me recently :)....Please keep Dad in your prayers for protection during this waiting time and yet one more successful surgery. To God be the glory, great things He has done!

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