Thursday, November 19, 2009

Today's Adventures....

Later this afternoon we are going to be getting a new van! Yippee. New to us anyway. :)
The older one we are trading in is 1999 Town and Country van with 180k miles, and the new one we are getting is a 2005 Town and Country with 87k miles. We're going to enjoy the upgrade and are thankful for it.

So ... this morning after a somewhat stressful hour or so at the car dealership,(stressful simply because doing car deals is WAY out of my comfort zone!), after we had settled on a trade in value for the old van and a good price for the new van, Emily (my 15 year old student driver in training) was driving us home in the 'old' van. Let me quickly state that she is doing an outstanding job as a new driver and I am very impressed with her skills and attentiveness this early on. So what I am about to relate to you is NOT (emphasis NOT) a fault of her driving!!
BUT be that as it may....we were making a left turn from the left turn lane at a very busy intersection, going left on OUR green arrow, when, as we were almost to the middle of the intersection, a car driven by an elderly lady came at us from the right, and she was also making a left turn and we nearly collided!
The lady we nearly hit didn't even look phased or like she even noticed that we were almost going to hit her. Like I'm not sure she was in touch with reality....or what was going through her mind at that moment. I looked up quickly to reassure myself that we did have the green arrow! (and we did!) while at the same time firmly saying to Emily, "Stop!" and thankfully she stopped then, immediately. We let the precious little lady go by first, and then we continued on with our left turn. :) Whew!

I was pleased at how well my dear daughter handled driving in this extremely tense situation, and I was very grateful to God for watching over us and keeping us from an accident.

It was only after we had passed through the intersection, and had processed together how fortunate we were to have not had an accident, that we were then thinking of how different an accident would have caused our new van deal to be. Certainly the trade in value of our van with the front left side totally crashed in would not have been what they are giving us for it now, as it is in its good condition!!!

So, who but God can ever know what a day will bring forth? The fun, the adventure, the close calls?! I feel like I've used up my adrenaline quota for a few days...! But all is well!
It's a great day!

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