Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Dreaded H1N1...

So it has come upon me. One week ago today....I was so so so tired I couldn't stay awake, couldn't hold my head up. I slept as much as I could even though we were traveling back from Indiana. Then I went to bed early and slept all day Sunday. Then again all day Monday. Achy, fever, chills, cough, yuk. I'd get in the shower and the warm water would feel SO SO SO good, so comforting on my achy body, and then I'd get a wave of weakness and feel like I was going to pass out right then and there.
On Tuesday I started feeling better...aches, chills and fever were gone and I was only left with the cough. So I got up and did a few things and realized that was not the right thing to do. Overdid. Didn't feel quite as good as I had thought. :)
I went to Dr. Lewis on Wednesday morning and he confirmed that I do have the H1N1 flu. Whaddya know? And being the great doctor that he is, he gave me a breathing treatment right then and there in his office to start to clear my lungs (quite congested I was) and to help the cough get better. (I have a great doctor by the way; he and God saved my life in December 2006! - Honestly!). That's the good news: the bad news is that he confined me to my home for one week - for obviously, not spreading this to everyone else, and also to rest and get better. While I do not do this "rest at home for a week thing" very well, I am finding that the doctor knows what he is talking about. My strength is not back yet that's for sure - and the cough is still here - and it wears me out to do the littlest things.
I'm so thankful that the rest of my family has escaped this and I hope and believe that they will continue to do so!
I'm trying hard to be patient and to know that "for everything there is a purpose and a season under heaven", and I guess that must include the H1N1. :)
I'm getting better every day....
Stay healthy!

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