Friday, January 29, 2010


Today I was reading in Exodus chapters 3 and 4. Everytime I read this section where God called Moses to help free the Israelites, I can relate on a lot of levels.
First of all Moses certainly felt inadequate for this impossible task God was calling him to. Moses wondered if the Israelites would see him as credible (would they believe that God had actually sent him?), as believable (would they even listen to him?, he was worried that he would not know the words to say (what shall I tell them?), and he focused on his physical limitations and inadequacies (he had 'always been' slow of speech and never eloquent).
I can relate to this - can you?
However, this didn't stop God. He assured Moses that he had thought all of this through, and was not surprised nor limited by any of these things.
Moses still, however, after asking questions of God and being answered by Him 4 times, finally just about gave up on the whole thing...He said "Lord, please send someone else."
His fear and lack of faith (in himself - and apparently somewhat in God) almost caused him to miss out on this magnificent plan that God had for him.
Amazingly God was very patient with Moses, and he even agreed to send Aaron to do the speaking. However God assured Moses he was still involved, and was not "off the hook"! He instructed Moses to take the staff and "perform the signs with it".
We all know the rest of the story...the Israelites were miraculously delivered with many signs and wonders, and eventually entered into the land promised to them. Undoubtedly, Moses get great credit - and rightly so - for his role in leading the Israelites.
Here's what I wonder though: how much more might Moses have enjoyed of the remarkable experience of having God's power do amazing things through him, had he not talked God out of the original request? What if Moses would have agreed with God that God could do the speaking through Him? that God could use Moses powerfully just as He was;that God's strength would be made perfect in Moses' weakness?
Here's the challenge for me as I read this scripture....when God calls me to do something remarkably big - seemingly impossible, Oh dear God, help me to agree with you that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. And believe that when YOU ask me to do something, you are preparing the way for miracles that will take place as I trust YOU to do the impossible through me, by your Holy Spirit's work, not my own.

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  1. As I read the devotion on Moses..I thought how
    so often I have felt as I'm sure Moses must
    have. Stepping out of my comfort zone to teach
    or lead worship were not on my list of strengths. But, to step up when there was noone
    else took courage. I've always needed someone to say...."Good job!" or "You really spoke to
    my heart" . Because I was the "Pastor's Wife"
    no one was ever aware I needed that...only God.To depend

    on Him for the "kudo's " I felt
    I needed was difficult because I knew that He
    prob'ly thought I was a big girl now and it was
    time to stand on my own. Thankfully, He under-
    stands me (since He saw me being formed in my
    mother's womb) and knows the needs I have....He
    is...and continues to be my liason . I depend
    on Him for my strength.Thank you Paula for the
    devotion I just read. It reminded me that I have grown alittle more than I thought. Corrine