Sunday, October 11, 2009

Catching Up!

It's time to update this blog. It's been a while! Since I last posted in early September here's some of what's been going on at our household:

School is in its full swing....Tyler is a senior this year and Emily is a junior (we're homeschooling).

Emily and I took a weekend trip (September 18-22)to Florida to visit my Mom and Dad. I am very happy to report that Mom and Dad are both doing very well! Truly, they are, and it was such a relief and blessing to visit them in a non-stressful/non-emergency setting! While there we also visited with my Uncle John and Aunt Carol, both of whom have had serioius health issues since I had last seen them in the spring. They are doing quite well also - although it'd be great if you could continue praying for Aunt Carol's vision to improve. She sees very little and what she does see is very distorted and out of proportion following the stroke she had this summer. Other than that, things are all so very well. We have so much to be thankful for.

The weekend after returning from Florida, I had the privilege to lead worship at a women's retreat (called Thrive) at Bair Lake Bible Camp, here in Michigan. It was a great weekend. My friend, Sarah Bokma from KCC joined me in leading worship there and Kristen Cottingham was the speaker. I made some new friends there that weekend.

That very same weekend, here at our own church, Kentwood Community Church, it was Student Ministries Weekend, where our church's students led the services...and I am pleased and thankful and yes, a proud mama to report that my son, Tyler, led in the weekend's worship at all three services (singing and playing his acoustic guitar, and my daughter Emily sang on the vocal team. So both of my kids were onstage leading, with their friends, leading our congregation of 2700 people in worship! Sadly, since I was at the women's retreat leading in worship there myself, I missed it - except for the video which Tim thankfully took. It's really super neat to see your kids growing up, embracing and using the gifts, talents and abilities that God has wired them with!
In the picture below Tyler is on the far left and Emily is on the far right.

So now this brings us to October....and starting last week Emily started Drivers Training. So needless to say, with her having that three days a week all month long, along with everything else, that'll keep us on the move. And what a thought to realize that soon we will have 4 legal drivers in the house. Wow! My kids are definitely no where near babies anymore. They have grown up fast!... Too fast for me....yet I am so proud of who they are, and excited for their lives and all the good things ahead for them.

Speaking of what's ahead, Tyler will be checking out a couple of colleges this month to see where he may wish to attend next year. One of those visits is tomorrow at Cornerstone University here in Grand Rapids, and at the end of the month we'll be going to Indiana Wesleyan University (my alma mater) in Marion, Indiana. Emily is visiting also since college is not far off in her future as well.

So, that's certainly not all that's been happening...we are living life to the fullest over here and there is a lot going on ....Change is in the air in many venues of life.
One thing is matter what, life is good....and mostly, God is good.

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