Friday, August 28, 2009

Mackinaw Island 2009

Almost every year since our marriage in 1989 Tim and I, and then later of course Tyler and Emily, have gone to Mackinaw Island every summer. We missed a few years for varied reasons....but it's a traditional visit for our family. We really enjoy it there.
If you've never been, you get over to the island by boat naturally (or plane...which Emily actually did with friends earlier this summer)...and there are no cars on the island. With horses and bikes as the only form of transportation, it's very laid back and slower paced. It's a very relaxing place to be.

A handful of times we have stayed overnight on the island, and that is an additionally peaceful experience. After the last group of visitors have left to go ashore on the last ferry of the night, it gets quieter still on the island....Ah, to walk along the edge of the island and just listen to the waves of Lake Huron....I just love that sound!
The past two years we have skipped the ferry ride (and the price tag that goes along with it) and have had the fun adventure of going over from mainland to the island in our own boat - and what FUN that is! It's about a 15 minute ride....and Tim's a great captain. :) We dock at the Mackinaw Island Marina, and enjoy the perks of having our boat with its belongings there with us all day, and enjoying private facilities of the marina. We also take our bikes over on our boat and have had them there with us to ride around the island. Fun!
During this year's visit to the island we stayed overnight at a cute little bed and breakfast: Pine Cottage. We had a wonderful time.

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