Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer is Speeding Past

Our family is having a very nice summer...although it seems to be going by a little bit too quickly! :)

We're enjoying nearly perfect weather in Michigan. Most days we've had highs in the high 70s and low 80s, which is most pleasant. Granted, some days it's stayed ever lower in temperature than that, and so it's not always been as warm as you might expect, but it's also not been as humid, either, which I personally am glad about.

Last week Tyler, Emily and I spent the week camping at Winding Creek Camp in Hastings Michigan. Many other families from the West Michigan District of the Wesleyan Church gather there every July for Family Camp. Tim came down on the weekends and after work a couple of nights. There are activities for teens and it's generally a kick-back week for me. Thus was the case this year again, and we all enjoyed our time there.

Last Monday morning at 6 am Tyler and Emily left for Houghton, New York with over 150 teens from our church, Kentwood Community, to go to NTS (Never the Same) Camp. This is always a highlight of the year for Ty and Em and all the kids who attend. Tyler and Emily will return home at 9 am tomorrow morning.

Then, Tyler will be leaving again on Friday afternoon; this time going to New Hampshire for a ten-day hiking vaction with Tyler's friend Sam and his family.
We're missing Tyler around here a lot this summer.
He's been to Arizona in April, Africa in June, New York in July and now to New Hampshire in August, he's been gone a lot, doing his fair share of traveling!

We have not gotten any more boating days in since June ended, and that's disappointing, but we're looking forward to some good times to come on the boat yet this summer and early fall.

How's your summer going?
I'd love to hear from you what you've been doing with your summer!
Enjoy the rest of July!

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